On Display in this article, the M42 Re-enforced Jumpjacket.

The jacket came from a Hotel Buy in Ohio (USA) in 1998, where the contents from WWII veterans Estate was sold.
Within the estate was quite a large Airborne Grouping consisting of;
- M42 Reinforced Jump Jacket,
- Ike Jacket,
- Painted Airborne Helmet,
- Jump Knife,
- 506th History Scrapbook,
- and various items of paperwork.

The jacket now belongs to the collection of Anthony Stanford, the other items have been obtained by various European based collectors, some pretty well known.

The M42 Jacket has been re-enforced with the typical shaped greenish-grey elbowpatches.
The Eagle Patch has been attached with white needlework within the patch, not over the edges.
The zippers and the snapbuttons look worn but in good shape.
A collections centerpiece !

Special thanks to Anthony Stanford for the excellent pictures and information.

There was in the first place adopted that above M42 uniform of Donald Rhinehart was, but after research this is improbable.

Donald RINEHART 35629220 for more information click here


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