On Display Donald Rinehart, F-Co 506th PIR, 101st AB Division.

Donald RINEHART 35629220

Don joined Company F (506th) 30 NOV 44 as a PVT. He was promoted to CPL 23 JAN 45. He was a Non battle casualty 28 JAN 45, and returned to the unit 04 JUN 45. His final rank with Fox 506th on18 SEP 45, was SGT.

He may have jumped in Normandy and Holland but it was not with Company F, and he never served with Captain Mulvey. Don's name never appears in the rosters, jump manifests, payroll records, or morning reports for the Company until NOV 44.

Information from:

Terry Poyser
Napa California

Februari 2009

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