1LT First Lieutenant Met Meteorological
2LT Second Lieutenant MD Medical Department
AA Antiaircraft MG Major General
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery MMG Cal. 30 machinegun, medium
AAF Army Air Forces MO Medical officer
Abn Airborne Mort Mortar
Acrft Aircraft Mot Motor
ADC Aide-de-camp MP Military police
Adj Adjudant MSG Master sergeant
Admin Administrative Msg Ctr Message center
AG Adjudant General Msgr Messenger
AGF Army Ground Forces Mtcl Motorcycle
Agt Agent Mtd Mounted
ALO Air Liaison Officer Mtr Motor
Amb Ambulance Mun Munitions
Ammo Ammunition NCO Non-commised officer
Amph Amphibious O Observer
Aobsr Air observer Obsv Observation
AR Automatic Rifle OP Observation post
A/car Armored Car Ops Operations
Armd Armored Opr Operator
Arty Artillery Ord Ordnance
AT Antitank P & A Pioneer & amunition
Autmv Automotive P Pistol, cal. 45
Auto Automatic PVF Private First Class
AW Automatic weapons Pion Pioneer
BC Battery Commander PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment
BG Brigadier General Plat Platoon
Bde Brigade POL Petroleum, oil & lubricants
Bn Battalion Prcht Parachute
Btry Battery Ptbl Portable
C Carbine PVT Private
C & R Command & Recon POW Prisoners of war
Cal Calibre PX Post Exchange
Cav Cavalry QM Quartermaster
CC Combat command R Rifle
CF Counter fire R03 Rifle M1903
Cfr Chauffeur Rad Radio
CG Commanding General Rcl Recoilless
Ch Chief Rcn Reconnaissance
CM Counter mortar Recon Reconnaissance
CO Commanding officer Rgt Regiment
Co Company Rkt Rocket
CofS Chief of Staff RL Reel Equiment
COL Colonel RTC Replacement Training Center
COE Cap over engine RO Reconnaissance Officer
Com Communications ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps
Cmd Command SCR Set complete radio
Cmdr Commander S Submachine gun
CP Command Post S1,2,3,4 Staff sections
CPL Corporal Sct Scout
CPT Captain SHEAF Supreme Headquarters Allied
DC Dental corps Expeditionary Force
Demo Demolitions Sect Section
Det Detachment SGT Sergeant
Div Division Sig. Signal
DS Direct Support SigC Signal corps
DZ Drop Zone Slt Searchlight
EM Enlisted men Smbl Semi mobile
Engr Engineer SNL Standard nomenclature listing
ETO European Theater of Operations SGM Sergeant major
Equip Equipment SMG Submachine gun
FA Field artillery SP Self propelled
FAC Forward air controller Sqd Squad
FDC Fire direction center Sqdn Squadron
FM Field manual SSG Staff sergeant
FO Forward Observer Sur Surgeon
FSG First Sergeant Swbd Switchboard
Fwd Forward TCG Troop Carrier Group
G 1 Assitant chief of staff for personnel TCS Troop Carrier Squadron
G 2 Assitant chief of staff for Military Intelligence TCW Troop Carrier Wing
G 3 Assitant chief of staff for Operations & Training T/BA Table of basic allowances
G 4 Assitant chief of staff for Supply T/E Table of equipment
GIR Glider Infantry regiment T/O & E Table of organization and equipment
GL Grenade launcher T/O Table of organization
GN Generator Tech 3 Technician 3rd grade
Gnr Gunner Tech 3 Technical
H & S Headquarters & Service Tg Telegraph
HH Headquarters & headquarters (Co.) Tk Tank
HHS HQ, HQ & service Tlr Trailer
HMG Cal. 50 machingun Topo Topography, topographic
How Howitzer Tp opr Telephone operator
Hq (HQ) Headquarters Tp Telephone
H/trk Half track Trac Tractor
Hvy Heavy Trk Truck
I & R Intelligence en Recon Trp Troop
Inf Infantry TSG Technical sergeant
Inst Instrument TT Teletype
Intel Intelligence Veh Vehicle
Lchr Launcher USAAF United States Army Air Forces
Ldr Leader USN United States Navy
LMG Cal. 30 machine gun, light V-E (Day) Victory in Europe (8 may 1945)
Ln O Liaison Officer WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
Lt Light WAC Women's Army Corps (juli 1943)
LTC Lieutenant colonel WD War Department
LZ Landing zone Wkr Wrecker
Mac Medical administrative corps WO Warrant officer
Maint Maintenance Wpn Weapon
MAJ Major WW1 World War 1
ME Maitenance equipment WW2 World War 2
Mech Mechanic XO Executive officer
Med Medical